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Scientist – Process Chemistry

Position:Scientist – Process Chemistry


Location: South San Francisco, CA


No relocation candidates, only local candidates will be considered


Parvus Therapeutics is pioneering a novel class of disease-specific, non-immunosuppressive biologics called NavacimsTM that are designed to halt and potentially cure autoimmune disease and other inflammatory disorders by restoring immune tolerance.


The Navacim technology platform is generating a rich pipeline of therapeutic candidates to address a wide range of inflammatory diseases. Our most advanced programs target Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) (partnered with Novartis) and autoimmune liver diseases.  POC and efficacy in animals has been established not only for these two programs but also for multiple sclerosis (MS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  Drug candidates have also been identified for celiac disease with others in earlier stages of research.  Parvus recently announced that it had entered into a worldwide collaboration and license agreement with Genentech covering three of these programs: autoimmune liver, IBD, and celiac.  In support of our new partnership, Parvus is expanding rapidly to on-board the additional resources necessary to advance these programs to the clinic.


Navacims are comprised of iron oxide nanoparticles coated with disease-relevant peptide-major histocompatibility complex (pMHCs) proteins. Navacims trigger significant reduction in disease-associated inflammation without effecting general immunity thru the induction and abundant systemic expansion of disease-specific type 1 regulatory T (TR1) cells resulting in profound and durable therapeutic efficacy as assessed in preclinical disease models.


Our commercial strategy for Navacims follows a mix of corporate partnering and equity financing to support Parvus sponsored internal R&D. We have completed the buildout and start-up of new office and laboratory facilities in South San Francisco. The Parvus management team combines decades of experience in start-ups and biopharma, with demonstrated success in commercializing drugs from concept to market. We are seeking extraordinary and ambitious individuals who share our drive and desire to transform medicine.


The Position:  Scientist – Process Chemistry


The Scientist – Process Chemistry will provide technical expertise to drive the development and manufacturing of novel therapeutic agents derived from coupling recombinant pMHC protein to a nanoparticle, to produce active drug substances referred to as Navacims.   The role requires expertise in organic/synthetic chemistry as related to developing processes for pharmaceutical manufacturing, preferably with experience in nanoparticles and/or bioconjugation.  The Scientist will help develop robust process chemistry and purification steps to help establish and optimize a GMP nanoparticle manufacturing process to enable an IND filing.  This includes building a strong technical understanding of the nanoparticle process and its link to the key nanoparticle characteristics needed for conjugation.  The Scientist will also provide technical support to the development of conjugation processes, and ultimately drug substance manufacturing, working across Parvus and with CDMOs.  This position reports tothe Senior Vice President – Technical Operations.

Compensation and title will be commensurate with experience level.

Responsibilities and duties include:



Required Skills/Experience: 





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